Bringing your new dog home

When our dogs find new home, we hope that it's furever and we know that training is an essential part of making sure your new pup fits in with the family. Here are some training resources, as well as some frequently asked questions we get after our dogs go home.

How to Raise A Dog


Being Your Dog's Leader

Kids and Dogs

Cats and Dogs

Basic Commands Training

Why Train?

Training Tips

Basic Commands (What All Dogs Should Know)

Puppy Training


What Every Puppy Needs

Training Tips

Advanced Obedience

Levels of Training (from Kindergarten to College)

AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

Traveling With Your Dogs

Behavior Problems

Aggression Issues

Resource Guarding

Fear and Shyness Around People, Sounds, or Dogs

Separation Anxiety

Fear of Objects


Visit the Pooch Coach's YouTube channel and get some free dog training tips and help with common behavior issues. New videos are added regularly, so please subscribe to get notified of new fun and informational videos.

Training Videos