Project Taiwan

Give Them Hope

We were alerted to the issue of homeless dogs in Taiwan through an email from a fellow Southern California rescuer. The rescue organization Animal Rescue Team Taiwan (ARTT) had been taking on homeless Taiwan dogs for some time and asked if we could take in a litter of 4-5 month old Lab puppies and a Beagle.

Taiwan is a densely-populated country with very small living quarters. The "Dog Fad" has erupted there with cute little puppies being in high demand, with little interest in the large breed dogs and especially street dogs. When folks find that living in close quarters with a dog isn't necessarily all it's cracked up to be, the dogs either go the 'asylum', (Taiwanese terminology for a shelter) where they're routinely euthanized after 7 days, or they get turned out on the streets. Our rescue counterparts in Taiwan are primarily focused on the street dogs and rescuing them from the horrific conditions they have been subjected to in their lives. Some dogs find their homes in Taiwan, but overwhelmingly the large breed dogs are overlooked and the rescuers are left with few options.

About once a month we agree to take in dogs who otherwise would have to be euthanized or let go back onto the streets where they would be subjected to the same torture, disease and ailments as before. In the past three years we have placed over 200 Taiwan dogs.

To learn more about the Animal Rescue Team Taiwan, read their story or visit their website.