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8 months old - Long coat - Female

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Riesling is an 8 month old 6lbs Shiba-Corgi mix who came from Korea and was rescued from the horrors of the meat market. Riesling is a timid and shy little girl who will require a home that allows her at least 3-4 days before placing any kind of expectations on her. She will gladly be carried around and snuggle into the crook of your arm but if you're looking for the dog who declares her undying love when first meeting that is not our girl. She is more likely to run and hide if given the option. Now if you are holding her and you rub her belly, she can't help but give in and let her fears fall away.

Riesling does well in a crate and finds her confidence having an a place to escape to and the crate fits that bill. After she did a bit of redecorating at her foster home the second day, her foster home found out that the crate fits the bill! Here are some notes from her foster mom:

She is a very shy and scared little girl and she will need a patient home that will allow her to open up in her own time. Trying to get too close or quick movements, she will bolt!

She’s really small and likes to hide, so having a pet safe collar is probably the best idea because she does not like the leash. She will pull and thrash to try to get off. And she’ll find the smallest places to hide, so definitely need a very secure yard. She’s a good eater but not an over-eater, gaining confidence with the other dogs in the house and is scared of the cat. She very quiet, unless she’s frightened then she will squeal like she’s being beat and if she needs to go potty she actually will whine so you know.

She very sweet and will either flee from strangers or completely freeze in their arms, however if you start giving her a belly rub, she can’t help but start to close her eyes and relax. She will follow me everywhere I go but always a couple feet away...I believe as she gets more comfortable she will be a Velcro dog. She also follows Monti (my male dog) around the house and tries to kiss him. . She also likes the crate, definitely need a spot of her own and she does sleep through the night without a peep.

After just four days in her foster home this is how quickly she progressed in her foster home:

"We've done better in the last 18 hours. She did great in her crate while I was at work (about 5 hours). I got home and immediately took her out for a girl scout outing. 7 kids loving on her - she was endlessly patient.

Then we went to a park where I worked on leash training. She took a few very very slow steps when I pulled on her. She sat on my lap in the park for about an hour.

When I got home I tried a new configuration of my dog run, with more chicken wire on every tiny spot she could try to exit through, and it seems to be working. After secretly watching her out there for about 25 minutes, SHE PEED! First pee not inside my house.

She also ate her actual dog food last night when I locked her in the kitchen with it (she ate under a chair). Slept through the night without a peep in a crate next to my bed.

Last but not least - I just noticed that she's under my desk while I'm typing this! She's still shaking/shivering, but it's progress!"

We will only consider those homes who have had a dog in the last 3 years. If there are children in the home they need to be over the age of 10.

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