Miniature Schnauzer x Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie
8 months old - Medium coat - Female

Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids

Starburst is an 8 month old 5lbs Yorkie mix. She is absolutely the most adorable little munchkin you have ever met in your life. She prances as she walks. She is a snuggler and a cuddler. She is an owner surrender to our rescue. Her family couldn't keep her because their baby was allergic. While they had her they did teach her to ring a bell on the door to go outside. For when they weren't home they left out potty pads. She is very quickly getting housetraining down completely.

Starburst gets along well with dogs. She lives with big dogs and small dogs. She gets along well with everyone she meets. She was intimidated at first by the big Malinois but given a bit to acclimate she figured out how to make friends! Starburst came out and met the small dogs who were playing in the yard. She did her own thing and then made friends with everyone.

Starburst currently gets along well with the cat in her foster home. She will require a dog savvy cat because she does eventually think the cat is a friend and wants to play. If you're looking for a little lap dog, one who can go in your purse, ride in the airplane with you or live in an apartment or condo setting, then this is your girl. If you're looking for a dog who can go to work with you and either hang out under the desk or hang out in her bed, don't miss out on Starburst.

Starburst is an option for a home that hasn't had much experience but has prepared for having a dog. If there are kids, they need to be over the age of 6.

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